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Aeipathy is an award-winning, original, ancient-world roleplay. Our world stretches from the Scandinavian shores of north-western Europe to the Assyrian plans of the Arabian peninsula and is broken into different fictional 'lands' inspired by great BC empires. Our stories fall into the genre of historical drama, court politics and inter-personal dynamics that might include: familial strife, patriotic war, political strokes or the daily troubles of civilisation. The inclusion of divine beings, played by anonymised members, keeps the fates of man fickle and our plots spontaneous.

Whilst we encourage in-character activity, we have no word-count restrictions and do not hold activity checks. Our unique, custom-built character and activity systems allow members to find a level of participation that works for them. Support and search tools make our lore-heavy world easily navigable and our applications, automated thread trackers and plot development resources are built into our accounts, removing the hassle of coding or aesthetic concerns.

We are a community of mature story-tellers who are proud to call ourselves culturally, socially and linguistically diverse. Our site's visuals are fully customisable for user comfort including: contrast, font size, font style and brightness, and our regular voting polls put global plots into the hands of our members, not our staff. Aeipathy is over four years old and we look forward to seeing our story continue.

Staff Team
New to Historical Roleplay? Nervous about your
history skills?
No problem! Aeipathy is more a fictional version of the ancient world. No need to study before writing with us; our encyclopaedia and its lore has all you need.
We love our skin here at Aeipathy but everyone has their own visual needs and preferences! Once you have an account with us, you can alter our layout to suit your needs! Edits include:
Please mind our dust...

Welcome to Aeipathy! We're currently in the process of revamping and relaunching the site. Originally, Aeipathy was a small roleplay of one land split into three kingdoms. Our new and improved self is going to include nine lands, from the persian inspired riders of the east to the pre-viking celtic warriors of europe!

If you want to be a part of our brand new opening next year (2024), please come say hi on our Discord! We're still accepting members (and characters, if people want to sandbox play in our current world) so long as you don't mind that we're a little dusty and full of renovation! Alternatively, you can pop into our Discord and simply befriend our staff team and we'll make sure you get a notification when the site goes live again! We hope to see you soon and thank-you for minding our dust!

Currently Under Revamp for Aeipathy 2.0... Don't mind our dust!
Latest Event: From Boys to Men, Nethisa > Colchis > Hellas
Latest Acceptance: Isetheperu H'Naddar, Cairo > K'm't > Sa'hra
Latest Broadcast: Wednesday 6th July 2022
Our Community

Aeipathy's expansive world and the immersive experience it creates for its writers are fantastic but we are prouder still of the community we have built over the years. Our members are compassionate, mature and inspiring people who love to write. We are friends first, writers second and cliques never. Our community is welcoming to newcomers, loving to veterans, and understanding of real-world commitments. We believe that writing should be a joy and never a pressure.

"Aeipathy helps me escape the inanity of real life by making me live out the Ancient Grecian life I never had."

- Odyssey

"Aeipathy is so welcoming to new members! I lurked a lot at first because I've never played historical roleplay before and I have trouble making characters, but over time the staff and members helped and encouraged me!"

- Makki

"The peers I have come across here, with their constructive criticism and invitation to ideas, is very rewarding. I can understand why my friend spoke so highly of this community now."

- Deej

"Are you so ancient that RPGs set during your childhood are now considered historical? Want to write in an era that's older than you are? I'm 60 and I never feel out of place!"

- Alysanne

"There is never a shortage of stories to be told here. My skills as a writer have grown thanks to Aeipathy."

- Athene
Our World and Community
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Site Encyclopaedia

Our encyclopaedia is our community information guide and our lore hub. You can find everything here, from members rules and codes of conduct to the minute details of in-character land politics, or the histories of the people who live there. Aeipathy lore is heavy and complex but we have multiple guides, including step-by-step tutorials and personalised questionnaires, to help you find the information specific to your needs.

Character Compendium

Our character compendium is our in-character listings. Here you can find databases on every character creation, from accepted profiles to wanted ads and open canon listings. Our face claims list is also here. Whether you're looking up a name from the distant past in our timeline or checking who plays whom on our roleplay boards, this is where you will the information you seek.

Congratulations and thank you to
everyone who makes Aeipathy so
special, including our ReVamp spotlights! Vote for Next Month's Winners

Current House Cup
Vampires vs. Zombies
Current Bi-Annual Event
Fright Night
Introducing our very first biannual HOUSE CUP! From the 6th July 2022 to the 6th January 2023, all members are automatically entered into our House Cup competition and split into two teams.
Winner profile badges, in-character story bonuses and member points are up for grabs and
the team who collectively post the most across the six months claim the goodies! This
time we're taking inspiration from our six-month AU event: FRIGHT NIGHT! It's
Vampires vs. Zombies ! May the best monsters win!
We require appropriate racial
faces. 00% of our canon list are
POC (00% of African origin).
Non-able bodied characters are
welcome and our canons are
open to customisation.
Our canons' sexualities are left
unspecified. 00% of our accepted
characters are LGBTQA+.
Terminology is used carefully
in-character but diverse gender
identities are very welcome!
We respect cis-hetero characters
in equal measure to our minority
Our membership is as diverse as
our characters. We are a mature
and accepting group.
aeipathy's layout was skinned exclusively by jd for aeipathy. our writing home has been open since june 2018. all original content © to the original staff team. lore additions made by the community are © to aeipathy itself. all character content © to the members. any similarities to people or settings, fictional or real, living or dead, is purely coincidental. please no stealing of our skin or our world. come join us instead! thank you to all who help make aeipathy great!
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Member Discussion

Welcome to our member centre! You can find tonnes of resources here for growing your plots, building your characters and bonding with other members of our amazing community. Not only will you find all of our site updates and staff communications here, we also have exclusive plotting features like character group chats and family/house thread tracker databases. On the social side of things, we also have spaces for your to show-off your hobbies or play fun games!

The Land of Aegeas

It's the rainy season in Aegeas. In Hellas, the streets are damp and rooftops glisten each morning. Colchis suffers howling gales and monsoon-like rainfall. Taengea's greenery blossoms. In Hattusa, the Euphrates swells and trade routes have become dangerous. City streets are slick and slippery.

Known as the Aegeas this area expands out from the Aegean sea and the Cyclades Isles into the Anataloian peninsula. Based on Ancient Greece and the Hittite Empire, the lands of Hellas and Hattusa are known for fertile agriculture, advanced philosophy and complex legal and political systems. Its people are of Caucasus and South European descent.

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Aegean Sea
The Land of Europa


Our Europa stretchs from mainland Greece to the borders of France and Germany. Its central force is that of Roma and land based on its regal kingdoms, prior to Caesars and Empires. Like the Aegeas, Europa enjoys fine lifestyles, complex economies, and flourishing power bases that harbours great ambition.

Known as the Northern Lands to the Hellenes and to the Hittites, this area on the east coastline of Europa is ruled by nomadic barbarians. Too far for their pillaging to worry Roma, it is the Colchians who battle these hoards on a yearly basis to keep their strip of continental territory in tact and the waters to their homeland free of raiders.
The Northern Lands
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Mediterranean Sea
The Land of Ostjörð


Without real name, the lands to the North of Europa are termed 'The North' or Ostjörð. This world is split into two: the scandinavian home of its early viking people, and the european mainland that they've pillaged and conquered. These norse-men claim heritage from the North European race and the Southerners that have been adopted through eventual intermarriage.

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North Sea
The Land of Sahra


Occupying the northern territories of the African continent, Sa'hra plays host to travelling nomads of what is now modern day Libya and the two kingdoms of the ancient Egyptian world. K'm't and Bedoa'mt are entirely different in culture and policy but have built trading routes and immigrations between their peoples. Those of this land have both Mena and Jewish racial markers, dependent on their longitude.

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Red Sea
The Land of Sharqaan


The Sharqaan meaning 'Eastern' lands include the ancient worlds of Jordan, parts of what was once the Persian empire and the lands of the Sumeria. Assyria, Babylonia and Phoenicia are diverse in their faith, politics and climate but share a decisive mindset and rigid belief in their own traditions. The people of these regions are descended from Mena and Jewish genetics.

Other Areas
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Lands Afar
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Letters and Missives
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Bi-Annual Event: Fright Night
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The Castle
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The Town
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The Woods
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The Wall
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Aeipathy's layout was skinned exclusively by JD for Aeipathy. Our writing home has been open since June 2018. All original content © to the original staff team. Lore additions made by the community are © to Aeipathy itself. All character content © to the members. Any similarities to people or settings, fictional or real, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Please no stealing of our skin or our world. Come join us instead! Thank you to all who help make Aeipathy great!