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Dur-Kurigalzu, an outskirt city situated in the northwest, embodies a blend of practical precision and strategic prowess. Enclosed by the formidable Kassite Wall, the city is meticulously arranged, focussing on functionality. The architecture, stark and formidable, is characterised by right-angled geometrics: robust square towers, blocky fortifications, and imposing gatehouses stand in uncompromising solidarity. Each structure is unadorned yet majestic in its sheer scale and strength. Instead of lavish courtyards, expansive drill grounds serve as the heart of the city, where soldiers train amidst the watchful eyes of sentinel statues. Pathways are lined with palm trees, their shadows offering a brief respite from the relentless sun, while irrigation channels weave through the city, sustaining crops and morale. At every turn, Dur-Kurigalzu speaks of preparedness and resilience, a city where every element, from the towering ramparts to the orderly streets, is designed to uphold and protect, creating an atmosphere of disciplined tranquillity amidst its strategic purpose.

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The Kassite Wall
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