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At Aeipathy we have an extensive list of canons and open wanteds. If you're struggling to find the perfect fit in our comprehensive lists, try our custom-built questionnaire to find the perfect match! Once you have a short-list of characters that meet your preferences, narrow it down by choosing based on the key information below. Then click their entry in the results list to be taken to their full character profile / wanted ad page. Canons vs. Wanteds All types of plots, families and connections are open to all characters on Aeipathy, depending on how you roleplay them. That being said, different types of characters have connections or expectations right from the start. For definitions of 'Major' and 'Minor' characters, see our Character System page.

Canon Character
Most canons are Major characters. These characters will likely be involved in global plots, have a higher activity expectation and may have family members in play. They are usually of higher nobility status making them more geographically flexible with a certain level of born authority.
Wanted Character
Most wanteds can be Major or Minor characters. These characters will likely have fewer, more specific plots wanted in play and a few close connections already accepted. They have less history already written for them/their family and may be more geographically or socially constrained.
Lands of Origin The symbols beside each character's name in the results below show the land from which they hail. The names marked in bold are where a character might lay their loyalties. For example, a character from Hattusa (unless operating as a traitor) will be loyal to Hattusa as the cities within this land are political seats operating under the same king. There is no division. But, in the land of Hellas, each of the three kingdoms (Athenia, Colchis and Taengea) are ruled by separate monarchs, so two characters might both be from Hellas but consider themselves enemies if they are loyal to conflicting royal families. Once you have found a character you wish to play from a land you wish to explore, be sure to read their full character profile by clicking on their name. This will give you full information regarding the place, land, city, family, monarch or militia to which they may have sworn allegiance to.

Land of Assyria
This character is from either Assyria proper or the municipality within Assyria: Mitanni.
Land of Babylonia
This character is from Babylonia, either the countryside or its capital city Babylon.
Land of Bedoa'mt
This character is from one of six Bedoa'mt Gesins (tribes): Buuchu, Mekaki, Nubi, Rwandi, Somalu, Ubuntu or Zaire.
Land of Hattusa
This character is from Hattusa. They could be from one of several cities or one of the three major hubs: Hattusa, Kizzuwadna or Carchemish.
Land of Hellas
This character is from one of three Hellas basíleia (kingdoms): Athenia, Colchis or Taengea.
Land of K'm't
This character is from K'm't. They may be from one of the three major cities: Cairo, Thebes or Memphis.
Lands of Osthoj and Valland
This character is from one of the seven sippe (clans) of the north: Bearkings, Blacklock Hill, Bonemakers, Firetongues, Ironwind, Northriver or Warsong.
Land of Phoenicia
This character is from one of six Phoenician cities: Ammun, Damascus, Israel, Jerusalem, Judah or Moab.
Land of Roma
This character is from Roma. They may be from the country, the capital city Rome or affiliated with the Cannae or Veneti lands.
What Are You Looking For? The questionnaire below is easy to use. Just click an answer at a time and look through the results! If you change your mind or want to look at other categories of character, just re-click on a previous question and the questionnaire resets to that point. The results appear in the box below. Have fun searching our plethora of fun and exciting characters!
Choose a Wanted
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