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A stunning landscape of greenery and rolling hills regardless of which angle you see it from, Macendia is a province flanked by dramatic snow-capped mountains and a quaint charm that is retained in their quiet town. Most of the fields are filled with the horseflesh owned and bred by the Leventi family but explore the area on the walking paths that winds itself around the town, and you will discover the unique charm that is Macendia.

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The Macendia barony boasts a courtyard larger then one's usual, decorated with low slung ponds and greenery that stretched as far as the eye can see. A pedestal in the middle housed a statue of Hera, and opens up to a central square that is bordered by three, single storeyed family wings. Each wing has crawling ivy and climbing plants that made the building look as if it blended into the forestry, and the whole space in general looked impossibly green, vibrant and warm to any and all guests who arrive.

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