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Mikaelidas Paláti

The palace of Vasiliádon is the crowning jewel of an already beautiful city. Taking advantage of the smooth land of the island, the palace occupies a huge square foot area, with shallow pools and columned promenades in white marble. Against the temperate and balmy blue sky, it really is a palace of dreams, and is home to the currently ruling noble family.

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Created from blue veined marble but decorated in rustic bronze, the grand foyer of the Mikaelidas Palati is a breathtaking view, especially when the sun is high enough to shine down through an impressive dome window: one of the few structures in Greece to have had glass formed in such large sheets to accommodate an open space that allows in light while keeping our the rarity of rain.

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Grand Foyer Nothing Better To Do
Reply By Irakles of Mikaelidas
Aug 15, 2019 15:52:57 GMT

Home to the current monarch of Taengea, the royal line has been in the Mikaelidas family for so long that many of the last kings have been conceived and born within these chambers. Known to be large, excessive and exceedingly opulent - as one might expect of Taengea - the royal quarters of the palati leave no-one in doubt that these rooms host only the richest and most authoritative family in the kingdom.

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Royal Quarters olive branches and artwork
Reply By Xene of Mikaelidas
Jul 19, 2020 16:00:27 GMT

The solar rooms of the royal palace are vast and excessive, as is appropriate for the owner of such a residence. Most of their walls consisting of columns rather than solid structure: they are open to the elements and any form of invasion, with only gossamer curtains to keep others out. As such, they have strong and secure doors with guards at each doorway into the main palace and old views only to the private gardens of the estate. The rooms themselves are furnished with clean, white colours with splashes of crimson and gold; the palette of the current ruling House.

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Solar Rooms Mother Knows Best
Reply By Theodora of Mikaelidas
Aug 2, 2020 23:11:40 GMT

Down a long corridor that sports the gradual changing of the shields of Taengea, from long before Dimitrou was the first king, the war room can be found flanked by the very first shields ever held by Taengean soldiers. Instead, the room has limited lighting, for windows allow for eavesdroppers and has a high wooden table constructed in its middle. This is usually covered in maps and strategic markers as the king may spend hours in this room considering his plans of attack during war time.

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War Room Insult to Injury
Reply By Emilios of Mikaelidas
Jul 18, 2020 20:21:10 GMT

The great gallery is the room in which formal Court meetings are held in Taengea. A long and elegant room with large windows and marble statues of elegance evenly spaced down its sides, the ceiling of the room is painted with excessive designs of the Greek Gods. The floor is highly polished marble and the main thrones of the King and Queen sit on a raised dais at one end. It is most common, during these meets that servants and slaves will wander around the room offering refreshment whilst dancers, singers and musicians occupy the spaces between the statues, entertaining the guests in any moment of boredom.

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Great Gallery Any Savage Can Dance
Reply By Fotios of Leventi
Jul 25, 2020 12:32:02 GMT

The royal palati of Taengea has a small and private pool in its grounds. Dug from the earth and into the sea below, it has become a small lagoon of vibrant flora and while a little tricky to climb down to at times, it has been known as the Reflection Pool. The older generations of the nobility consider it to be a place where your true nature can be witnessed in the surface of the pool, while the younger generations like it for its warm waters and privacy...

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Reflection Pool Cupid's Arrow
Reply By Theodora of Mikaelidas
Aug 5, 2020 19:10:46 GMT

The grounds of the Mikaelidas Palati are famous for their rich green fields and open spaces. There are areas in which the organic food is grown for the kitchens but the rest has been left open and carefully tended. Servants will wand with goats or scythes to keep the grass cut short and the trees are kept trim and in shape. There is, reportedly, no better space on the Isle of Serenn for horse-riding.

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Paláti Grounds Follow The Music
Reply By Imma of Leventi
Aug 6, 2020 19:05:51 GMT

Large and the home to many a fine thoroughbred of Leventi lines, the royal palace's stables are second to none and tended to by almost as many servants as the manor itself. The animals here are only ever of the finest stock and are treated with great reverence but also a strict discipline of high quality, rationed food, exercise and training. Only the very best animals are given the privilege of supporting the royal family when out on formal affairs of state.

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The Stables I'll Be The One If You Want Me To
Reply By Theodora of Mikaelidas
Aug 3, 2020 20:37:40 GMT
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