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Vasia of Antonis
Her Ladyship, Lady Vasia of Antonis, Birthed Daughter of Lord Lacides of Dynasteía Antonis and Marissa of Athenia, Courtier of Athenia
A rose amongst thorns, Vasia is the only daughter of Lacides and his wife. Though often cited as being the spitting image of her mother's beauty, Vasia has inherited none of her mother's angelic and innocently lady-like mannerisms. Being raised by only her father since she was eight years old, Vasia is as hard-willed and wiley as her brothers and, excluding her aunt Lysta, is the only woman to whom the three of them will listen with respect. She is also, perhaps, the fairest minded of them and is the only child of her mother's to have a tolerant, and even friendly, relationship with their half-brother Leonidas.
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