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24 Years of Age



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Tom Payne
Tobiah of Moshehh
His Lordship, Tobiah of Moshehh, Birthed Son of Mahnheeg Moshehh of Seth and Bamant Eleora of Moshehh, Courtier of Judea
The spitting image of the mother who died in his birth, Tobiah is the apple of his father's eye - a reminder of his late wife - but has had a terse relationship with his brother Davii as he has grown. Old enough to love his mother but not old enough to understand her passing and disappearance at Tobiah' advent, Davii isolated Tobiah and refused any brotherly affection for many years, blaming him for the loss of his maternal figure. Besides this estrangement with Davii, Tobiah has grown up told he has both his mother's looks and heart. A romantic in nature and forever in love with one girl or another (but always with every piece of his being and every inch of his heart), Tobiah loves music, dance and the excitement that can be found from life. He enjoys the city festivals and loves to explore the place he calls home, especially when he should be completing his chores in the family Bayith.
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