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Selima of Simeon
Her Ladyship, Bamant Selima of Simeon, Birthed Daughter of Abinadab of Hezekiah and Miriam of Abinadab, Courtier of Judea
Selima is a woman of great conviction and inner power but who speaks it very little. Her inner strength allows her to be married to a man such as Simeon and not have her esteem or opinions ground to dust beneath his fearsome faith and belief in gender norms. Instead, she takes the area deemed fit for control by her sex - that of her domestic home - and runs it with all the efficiency and perfectionist attitude that her husband runs his city. Whilst respectful and a little in awe of the strength of conviction within her husband, Selima is also slightly fearful of her spouse and the way he can, very rarely and occasionally fly into a rage. Selima has only been struck once at the hand of her husband - unbeknownst to any of her children - but fears his angry outbursts are becoming more frequent...
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