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Rechavia of Ezra
His Lordship, Lord Rechavia of Ezra, Birthed Son of Mahnheeg Ezra of Eachann and Bamant Lilith of Ezra, Councilman of Judea
More a son than sibling to his brother Elhanan, Rechavia has a temperament similar to that of his nephew Caleb. While not soft-hearted or overtly sensitive, Rechavia is a man that dotes on his daughters and is besotted with his wife and is eager to see further children and grandchildren in the family that he might bestow such adoration onto. Determined to be seen as manly in the eyes of his brother, Rechavia operates as Elhanan's second - Deputy on the Council of Elders - but is always aware in some corner of his mind that he is neither the man nor leader his half-brother is and fears the day when he will take over the mantel he knows he will not be able to lift.
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