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Liliana Matthaus
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Bathsheba of Dinorah
Her Ladyship, Lady Bathsheba of Dinorah, Birthed Daughter of Rechavia of Ezra and Dinorah of Rechavia, Courtier of Judea
Blessed with a doting father and a mother not yet concerned for her lack of male children, Bathsheba was raised in an environment of love in which she could do no wrong. Now a beautiful woman filled with arrogance and self-centred intention, Bathsheba has little concern for the feelings of others and thinks only inward. An intelligent woman, she is a forceful control freak and likes her world exactly "so" with herself at its centre. Any attempts others make to open her eyes to the plights of others or the importance of the words of the good book fall on deaf ears or are met with a wrinkled nose and frustration that her day has been interrupted over such nonsense. She likes her little sisters as the dolls and servants she dresses and treats them as and her beauty and confidence have Ahuvah and Rivka hanging on her every word, as only little sisters can.
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