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Yonita of Josiah
Her Ladyship, Lady Yonita of Josiah, Birthed Daughter of Lord Abner of Adonijah and Lady Raakel of Abner, Councilwoman of Judea
When her sister was married, it should have been a moment of great joy in the family but the fact that she had married a young politician that Yonita was already hopelessly in love with, tested the bond with her sister for several years. It was not until her feelings were returned by Josiah and he decided to officially make her his second wife that the fracture was repaired and the two sisters have become closer than ever. Heartbroken at the loss of her husband, Yonita dotes on the daughter she begot by him and has thrown herself into learning the ways of business. Once a flirty and capricious young girl, Yonita seems to have now switched places with her once staid sister and is learning the importance of discipline and the power that knowledge can give; even if one is a woman. Becoming more learned in the ways of economy, finance and the businesses of the capitol, Yonita is finding an untapped intelligence that she never knew she had.
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