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Kat Dennings
@maeri Extended
Talora of Zevah
Her Ladyship, Lady Talora of Zevah, Birthed Daughter of Mahnheeg Josiah of Zevel and Bamant Zevah of Josiah, Courtier of Judea
Wild is not a word used often regarding Judean women but Talora is the exception that proves the rule. A being who loves both men and women for their own qualities and who hates and despises the gender norms of her day and culture, Talora is generally considered to be a strange anomaly that few wish to go near - other than those who share her peculiar tendencies. Many a night sees Talora coming home in the early hours of the morning bearing the scent of often more than one other individual. It has been several weeks since one such morning and still Talora has yet to bleed...
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