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Neil Jackson
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Stelios of Antonis
His Lordship, Lord Stelios of Antonis, Birthed Son of Lord Lacides of Dynasteía Antonis and Marissa of Athenia, Commander of Athenia
Unlike his brother Mateos, Stelios is an angry and passionate individual. Effective in battle and cunning in war, Stelios often operates as his brother's second in command or as a Commander in his own right. Never does he allow his emotions to cloud his judgement on the battlefield but his skill and provision in warcraft tend to make him easy to provoke and incite into a duel. The strong sense of justice passed down to him by his father occurs in him through a desire to punish and chastise those who are weak enough to falter. He is perhaps the least forgiving of his father's daliance with a servant girl.
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