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Dilan Gwyn
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Rivka of Dinorah
Her Ladyship, Lady Rivka of Dinorah, Birthed Daughter of Rechavia of Ezra and Dinorah of Rechavia, Courtier of Judea
Naive doesn't begin to scratch the very shallow surface of Rivka's personality. Closed-minded, centrally-focused and, in many ways, incredibly dumb, Rivka loves her pretty little world in which her father is doting king and she is his princess. Oblivious to her mothers frustrations and uncaring that both of her sisters are often considered more attractive than she, Rivka thinks little of the future and nothing of the past, living in the moment where the only considerations are whether she is hungry, sleepy or lacking entertainment. Rivka is shallow to a fault and has zero understanding of the world but that does not mean she doesn't have the potential for depth were she grow outside the closeted pampering of her family.
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