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Rishona of Elhanan
Her Ladyship, Bamant Rishona of Elhanan, Birthed Daughter of Ephraim of Yael and Abishag of Ephraim, Courtier of Judea
The second wife to Elhanan, Rishona learnt much from her counterpart Gali before the woman's death. Killed in a revolt and stampede of livestock and patrons at the mighty Ammun Shouk when raiders set loose the animal pens, Gali was a calm and peaceful woman who welcomed a second wife into her family and helped teach the younger Rishona the ways of a wife and mother, despite her mixed heritage that dabbled into the borders of Anatolia. An exceptional beauty in her youth, Rishona was chosen by Elhanan for what he would claim to be logic but which she likes to believe was love and she has been a dutiful wife to him since, putting Gali's lessons into practice as best she can; including loving Gali's sons as her own and attempting to bond with each in their own way.
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