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Olivia of Condos
Her Ladyship, Lady Oliva of Condos, Birthed Daughter of Lord Erios of Dynasteía Condos and Lady Demetis of Dynasteía Condos, Courtier of Taengea
Engaged to her second cousin Nikolias of Condos from a young age, Olivia has always seen to do right by her duty. That being said, she was exceptionally happy to find that her duty tied her to a young boy who grew up to be mature, honest, noble and caring and while Nikolias may feel only deep affection for his wife, she returns it with pure love. Her children equally share in this love and it was primarily Olivia who insisted that their eldest daughter Marissa should marry the man she fell in love with in Colchis, rather than the man she went to become engaged to. Olivia finds courtly politics distasteful and shameful but is also aware that they are important to the position of her family, so attends Court reluctantly.
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