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The Basics

Biological Sex

Current Age
29 Years of Age



Marital Status


Face Claim
Mia Kirshner
Katriel of Abir
Her Ladyship, Lady Katriel of Abir, Birthed Daughter of Herman of Hector and Seema of Abigail, Courtier of Judea
Katriel is a young woman born to a local cloth merchant in Jerusalem. Always unhappy with her lot, she is a kind woman but one who also enjoys the luxuries of life - such as fine clothes, clean bedding and delicious food. Spying the handsome Abir during one of his patrols with the city protectors, Katriel worked upon the man for several months before finally winning him to her side. A claim of pregnancy was all it took to be married into the richest family in Jerusalem and achieve all that she wanted. When Livana was born exactly nine months after their marriage - Katriel simply claimed the child to be late in her arrival. Abir, in love his with his wife and with as much limited knowledge of pregnancy as the next man, entirely believes her. Whilst his sister and mother are far more insightful and keep Katriel under a very close and sometimes distrusting eye.
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