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Saadet Aksoy
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Karmel of Tirzah
Her Ladyship, Lady Karmel of Tirzah, Birthed Daughter of Lord Gabriel of Gurion and Lady Tirzah of Gabriel, Courtier of Judea
Anointed with a male given name, Karmel was originally set to be both a boy and the first heir to the Azari family in the current generation. Despite assurances from both physicians and her mother, Karmel was born female to the surprise of all present. Born to a mother of wild spirit and tradition-balking temptations, Karmel was given the name decided prior to her birth nonetheless. The spitting image of her mother and having inherited her father's fiery spirit and her mother's unorthodox tendencies, Karmel is a beautiful woman who's hand is sort by many who are almost immediately disappointed that her personality fails to match her demure exterior. Not one to follow the traditional path of the Judean woman, Karmel causes despair in all of her male relatives that she will never marry.
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