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Tony Goldwyn
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Isaac of Gurion
His Lordship, Lord Isaac of Gurion, Birthed Son of Mahnheeg Gurion of Noah and Bamant Hanna of Gurion, Courtier of Judea
A man of great patience and work ethic Isaac is a calmer man and far more forgiving than his brother. While he holds great sorrow at the tragedy that hit their family sixteen years ago, he is a man for whom time has healed some of his wounds. A man of great wisdom and patience, Isaac focuses his attentions on raising his son but finds connection difficult as Matthias is young and cannot shake his anger and desire for eventual revenge. Instead, Isaac's brother Gabriel fuels his nephew's fire and has a stronger bond than Isaac often does, despite paternal love and devotion. Anxieties have been set to their maximum within the Azari household as an arranged marriage has been proposed for Isaac. In a bid to encourage further peace with their neighbours to the west, Gurion has been delicately approaching the idea of a union between Isaac and Fumisa H'Abaddi - an Egyptian noblewoman!
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