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Andrew Lincoln
@karmel Extended
Gabriel of Gurion
His Lordship, Lord Gabriel of Gurion, Birthed Son of Mahnheeg Gurion of Noah and Bamant Hanna of Gurion, Councilman of Judea
A man who understands his father's aspirations for a peaceful life but cannot, in his heart, agree with them, Gabriel holds great anger and resentment for the soldiers within Israel. His belief is that any military presence from the Grecian kingdoms is only a draw and temptation for further combat with Egypt which is now set to happen in Israel's backyard. The tragic loss of his wife fuels his hatred for war and his xenophobia against Egyptians; especially as he watches his daughter grow more and more into the image of her mother every day; a living reminder of his loss. A devout father who is often extremely over-protective of his only child, he has a loving but difficult relationship with Karmel who has a mind of her own; a trait that frustrates him to no end but one he cannot chastise as it was inherited very assuredly from the woman he once and still does, love.
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