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Dinorah of Rechavia
Her Ladyship, Lady Dinorah of Rechavia, Birthed Daughter of Perez of Neham and Haggith of Perez, Courtier of Judea
A woman who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it, Dinorah spotted the adoring eyes of Rechavia from a mile away. Initially attracted to his easy personality and kind temperament it has been some years since Dinorah has held anything but frustrated resignation for her husband's doting and clinging love. His good heart she sees as a weak will and his lacking in confidence proof of his failure in ambition. A woman apathetic towards a marriage in which she had not expected drollness to be its only positive, Dinorah is particularly frustrated with her lack of male offspring, determined that it must be her husband's lack of masculine intent that has provided her with three beautiful but not altogether useful daughters.
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