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The Basics

Biological Sex

Current Age
28 Years of Age



Marital Status


Face Claim
Lizzy Caplan
Davitah of Selima
Her Ladyship, Lady Davitah of Selima, Birthed Daughter of Mahnheeg Simeon of Nissim and Bamant Selima of Simeon, Courtier of Judea
Davitah is a smart and shrewd woman. Very much taking after her mother, she is strong willed but as the outspokenness of her father. Over the years, she has perfected the skill in keeping her tongue but it is still of great challenge to her when something occurs that she does not agree with and her gender prohibits her from speaking up. Determined to find a husband whom she can either love or control, Davitah sees marriage as a means of power. If she can find a man willing to listen when she speaks, her words can be translated through his mouth and hold sway with those of influence. In this way, she is looking for a man who can either be coerced and controlled, or one who is to be a partner. Having witnesses the obvious manipulation of her brother at the hands of Katriel, Davitah is cautious and distrusting of any hard and fast connections with strong emotions. The heart cannot be trusted. The head is much sturdier.
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