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Cane of Elhanan
His Lordship, Lord Cane of Elhanan, Birthed Son of Mahnheeg Elhanan of Ezra and Bamant Gali of Elhanan, Courtier of Judea
Raised by a man who craves order, authority, hierarchy and structure, Cane is a wild child, emotionally chaotic and enjoys rushes of adrenaline. A practical joker in his youth, a playboy in his teenager years and now a hunter and seducer of animals and women respectively, Cane is the bane of his father's existence. Unable to show up for any appointed meeting or arrangement on time or take his responsibilities with any grain of seriousness, Cane appears to be the epitome of an effervescent wayward soul who has no interest in the seriousness of life. Beneath it all, however, Cane holds a temptation and hope of marriage and family that he would never allow another person to know...
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