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Ahuvah of Dinorah
Her Ladyship, Lady Ahuvah of Dinorah, Birthed Daughter of Rechavia of Ezra and Dinorah of Rechavia, Courtier of Judea
A beautiful young girl in her own right but also the shadow to her gorgeous older sister, Ahuvah is an artistic soul with a love for the theatre. Singing and dancing hold some interest but really her love is in the tragic fictional tales she reads and the angsty theatrical performances made in the city square. A rebel and anarchist at heart, Ahuvah spends much of her time with friends in the city talking bohemian and revolutionary ideas that will likely never amount to anything and smoking opiates. Defiant in her determination to be seen as an adult but naive from her own molly-coddled upbringing, Ahuvah loves her sisters dearly but never allows them to be part of her secret wayward world.
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