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Athenian Crescent

Athenia's capital city of the same name stands on the precipice of an impressive cliff face, overlooking the crescent ship harbour below. Post here if your topic does not belong to any of the following locations.

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The cliffside of the island of Ire is a dangerous one and almost impossible to climb. It eventually curves down and around, with one side becoming a safe harbour and the other remaining rocky and dangerous to all ships.

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Cliffside Cliffside Meal
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May 9, 2019 16:14:25 GMT

Where shipmen and sailors from all of the kingdom long to stay. The Athenian harbour is one of the grandest and most secure in the Grecian kingdom. This is due to most of Athenia's trade and money coming from the commercial ships that visit the realm and the sea-hauls that are brought into the city by boat.

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Northern Harbour Just a Couple of Lost Boys
Reply By demetrius
Feb 21, 2021 23:20:18 GMT
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Located further south along the coastline towards Stravos lands, the Southern Harbour is full of shipments and heavy cargo trade for the fields and agriculture of the southern provinces. As it is further from the capitol there is also an elevated level of corruption, bribery, tax avoidance and petty crime here too.

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Southern Harbour I'm not drunk, you are!
Reply By theron of lands afar
Mar 2, 2021 16:30:45 GMT
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