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Royal Paláti

The royal palace is one of the most impressive structures in the city. With towering columns, grand hallways and expensive cloth draped over every wall and floor, the royal home leaves nothing to be desired in its luxury. The palace holds the residential quarters of the current monarch, his official spouse and their immediate family. Occasionally other relatives will be allowed to live within the royal walls at the monarch's discretion - this is most often true of young females in the family who have no male guardian available. Politicians from the Senate will often visit the king or queen at the palace but not official laws or decisions can be passed in the building - these must be declared in the Senate to be legal.

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A cavernous hall that serves as the receiving room to the Royal Palace, it is made entirely from white marble. The walls are carved with intricate designs of great battles and victories of Athenia, all which sloped upwards to a brightly coloured ceiling where stories of Gods were weaved in to its architecture.

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Grand Hall Lessons Learnt
Reply By Hebe of Antonis
Sept 1, 2020 19:12:08 GMT

Furnished to receive guests of the Senate or nobility, the meeting chambers have comfortable klines and seats, with a working table and plenty of sunlight in the day. Cleaned meticulously everyday by the servants, these rooms are where guests would meet with the royal family for discussions.

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Meeting Chambers Hubris and Humility
Reply By Persephone of Xanthos
Aug 29, 2020 19:57:15 GMT

Located on the furthest wing of the palace, the Xanthos family quarters have a private stairwell that leads up to it, which have permanent guards stationed at its entrance. Entry to the quarters is strictly off limits to anyone with no permission.

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Xanthos Quarters I Hear Congratulations Are In Order
Reply By Persephone of Xanthos
Sept 5, 2020 22:01:07 GMT

On the ground floor of the Royal Palace, the servant's quarters are functionable at best. Each room is shared by two or three servants - higher ranking ones had a room to themselves. They are close to the kitchens and main hall, with a private, small stairwell that branches off to different parts of the Royal Palace so the servants may do their tasks unseen and unheard by the nobles.

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Servants Wing A Question of Motives
Reply By Lesley of Lands Afar
Aug 22, 2020 23:27:56 GMT

Beautifully curated gardens surround the Royal Palace, all tended to by the royal gardeners. A variety of flower gardens bloom in the Athenian weather. The grounds are also decorated with statues and busts of the Gods and Goddesses as a sign of respect, with benches laid for when the nobility wish to take in the sun on a good day. Guards wander the grounds on irregular shifts to ensure the safety of the royal family. The stables are situated off the right of the gardens, next to the large field where the horses are exercised.

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Gardens and Stables I Need To Hear These Words...
Reply By Rafail of Marikas
Aug 18, 2020 3:52:22 GMT

Located beneath the structure of the palace was the Royal Crypt. Cold and cavernous, echoes bounced off the hard marble ceilings and walls. Upon entry, all sources of sound from aboveground would immediately be cut off upon the sealing of the entrance, and an almost eerie aura hung in its air. All past members of the royal family are entombed within the crypt.

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Royal Crypt Secrets for the Dead
Reply By Deleted
Mar 4, 2020 6:14:53 GMT
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