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Mabsoot District

The richest of areas in Thebes, the Mabsoot district is strangely quiet and holds many manors that are empty. When Cairo became the new head of state fifty years prior, most rich merchants and the Hei families took their business and their homes to the north. Not wanting to give up prime estates in the original capital, however, these homes in Cairo were in addition to the ones they kept in Thebes, leading to Thebes' richer areas becoming only half inhabited...

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One of the longest standing Hei family, Fakhouri remain in their home in Thebes due to its extravagance. One the ruling Hei, their Thebes manor was the royal palace at one time and the Fakhouri prefer to stay within the impressive walls of alabaster stone with their sigil banners drapped down their walls and every piece of furniture and decoration designed to impress upon the world that they once ruled Egypt, rather than move to a sub-par residence in Cairo in a position beneath the current crown.

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Saraaya H'Fakhouri Devices of Man
Reply By Iahotep H'Naddar
Jun 13, 2020 22:41:02 GMT

The Hei of Sheifa is a hard-working one and determined to prove itself. Newest to the noble ranks after Abaddi, Sheifa is one of the richest Hei families, having established themselves as powerful and economic merchants before they ever went into the military in order to gain political standing. Still very focused on their economic ways, the Sheifa home is an eclectic amalgamation of designs and pieces from foreign lands they have traded with.

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Saraaya H'Sheifa Not My Problem
Reply By Nenet H'Sheifa
Aug 2, 2020 19:22:05 GMT

The Hei of Moghadam has one of the largest manors in Thebes. Built on a single level, the manor is massive in scale and situated, on the furthest edge of the Mabsoot District, where the rich area of the city meets the river, allowing for a private tributary dock to pull directly into their home. This allows for easy river travel to and from the capital.

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Saraaya H'Moghadam honey im home
Reply By Osorsen H'Moghadam
Jul 25, 2020 7:48:29 GMT
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